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… Nice Going , Kobe Bryant …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 7th,2014

.. no , I really mean this .

.. Kobe has been caught up in a rough season , to say the least . He spent the most chunk of last season rehabbing after surgery on a blowout in his Achilles tendon . Then , early this year , he suffered a hairline fracture in his leg , knocking him out of the beginning of the season …

.. things have not gotten a whole lot better for him . He was only able to play about 12 to 15 games this season . The problem is that he reinjured his leg , leaving him out roughly for the remainder of the season . The Lakers really stink this year , so having him come back for a few games to finish the year makes no sense . Better to have him sit out , rest up , and get healthy ….

.. however , it is his comments on the Trayvon Martin case that have gotten him into considerable hot water . He bascially said that , just because that he is an  African – American (a black man) , that he should or could automatically support Trayvon Martin  and his cause just because of the color of his skin . The back hand of  this is that one should support Trayvon Martin from the merit of the arguments and the case , not because of skin color …

.. Kobe has an outlook on life different than most folks . His father [Joe ” Jellybean ” Bryant] was also a pro basketball player  , Joe Bryannt played some in the N.B.A. , but he played most of his professional career in Europe ,  specifically in Italy , around Rome . So Kobe was raised in a European atmosphere , travelingto various cities in Italy and other European nations (Germany & France) , plus a base in Rome gave Joe a chance to expose Kobe to the Vatican and  the Holy See …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..

.. [link] to the interview footage …

.. the interview  features ESPN ‘ s Steven A. Smith , who was being interviewed by talk show host Arsenio Hall . Smith apparently also agrees with Kobe …

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