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… May God Bless You Jeremiah Denton …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 7th,2014

.. Rear Admiral (retired) Denton [USN] died this past week …

.. what a magnificent public servant and naval officer .  Especially his service to us all when he was taken captive , after he was shot down on a combat mission in (I believe) 1965 . He spent almost 8 years in captivity as a POW …

.. [h/t — NationalReview]..

.. [link] to Commander Denton ‘ s tour – de – force …

.. what I refer to as Jeremiah Denton ‘  s tour – de – force was an interview that he did with his North Vietnamesecaptors . Since he must have realized that it would be publically released to humiliate his country , he saw it as an opportunity . He and his fellow POWs were  subject  to horrific acts of inhumane torture , and they and the N.V.A. knew it . But the folks back home did not . Denton achieved his purpose , by the signal act of using Morse Code to blink ” T –  O – R – T – U  -R – E . ” Once the folks back home understood this , then the POWs were tortured again and again …

.. Jeremiah Denton Jr. received the Navy Cross for his signal act of defiance . I believe that he should have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor . He still deserves it ….

..  Jeremiah Denton , Jr , May God  Bless You and Keep You . May God Lift His Countenance upon You and Give You Peace …

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