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… An Important Case [but not at the US Supreme Court]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,April 7th,2014

.. what initially I am referring to was Hobby Lobby v Sebelius . That was the current case that was at the U.S. Supreme Court only a couple of days ago …

.. this is a different case . It is one that is at a court at a different level , at the D.C. Federal Court of Appeals . It is Halbing v . Sebelius , one of a number of legal challenges that are still in the works to ObamaCrapCare . Jonathan Keim of National Review ‘ s Bench Memos has an excellent take of the legal combat [here] …

.. if I were an ObamaCrap , I would be sweating this one , just like if I were them , i would be sweating out the outcome of Hobby Lobby at the U.S. Supreme Court . From the verbal combat , from what I have read in various places , this one is likely to come out in favour of halbig in a 2 to 1 decision . You might ask …

.. Did not POTUS  pack the D.C. Appeals Court with 3 of his nominees , courtesy of Dingy Harry Reid ? Yes , he did . Appeals Court cases are heard by a 3 – judge panel , first . Then , after that , if  the Court so decides , it can hear it ” en banc . ” Usually , that means the full court , but not always . Also , the U.S. Supreme Court will be well aware of this case . More likely than not , the Supremes could opt to hear the case themselves , thus taking it away from the full court …

.. I would think and bet on a 2 –  1 decision for Halbig . Also , I think that the Supremes will act to take the case away from the full court , given the immorality of the court packing done by Dingy Harry Reid ….


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