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… Earl Tomblin must have a Death Wish …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,April 4th,2014

.. Earl Ray Tomblin is the current Governor of West Virginia . How long he wants to remain in that job is really open to question ..

.. When Election Day comes this fall , no state is likely to get hit by the ” Red ” tide (relatively speaking) more than West Virginia . It has been forever since either chamber of the West VA legislature has been in GOP hands . This fall , that is likely to change . the West VA House is currently narrowly in DemoCrap control . That will likely flip to Red . The West Va Senate is a little more delicate . Iff it gets close enough , some of the Dems could be persauded to switch sides . Then , most likely , both chambers will be in GOP hands …

.. Tomblin will have to wipe his own fanny the next time out . West Virginia is almost suredly to be Red in the next Presidential election , so the topof the ticket will be no help . That candidate and Tomblin will both be wrapped around the failed policies of His Lordship , so it will be interesting to see whether he runs for re – election , or not . There will be no U.S. Senate race the next time , so Joe Manchin will not be able to save his fanny , either …

.. Bye , Bye , Earl !!

.. [h/t — m.NationalReview]..
.. [link] to the blog post …

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