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… Islamophobic My Ass …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,April 3rd,2014

.. this film and this clip (both of which were released) are a true groundbreaking exposé of the horrendous problem in the Arab World … and even here in  the Americas (both here in the United States , and in Canada) … the gawd awful horror of honor killings …

… these women have bravely fought the good fight to bring this story to the screen … and now , C.A.I.R. (the Council on American – Islamic Relations) is trying to shut it down …

.. why ? .. because they call it Islamophobic … As I put it in my title , the video and movie are anything but Islamophobic …

.. how can people do such a thing ? Basically , the ” honor ” system is nothing but the enslavement of women …

.. [h/t — HonorDiaries]..

.. [link] to their website ..

.. [h/t — YouTube]

.. [link] to an Extended Clip …

.. [link] to the movie itself

.. you should see the website , and the film trailer . When and if possible , buy the film from the ITunes store , or attend a screening in your local community . These folks deserve your support , and C.A.I.R. should be ashamed of itself for trying to silence screenings on college campuses … In the old days , that might have worked , but now ?? … in the internet age , that cannot work , it will not work , it must not work  ….


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