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… #SOS Venezuela …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 31st,2014

.. this video (yes , it is in Spanish) is one that the O.A.S. [the Organization of American States (perverted under Obama) and Cuba tried mightily to silence . To do so , even when it was presented to the O.A.S. assembly , it was pushed into closed session , keeping out the press …

.. [h/t — BabaluBlog]..
.. [link] to the important video…

.. those dummies were desperate to silence Venezuelan opposition leader Maria  Corina Machado , and they forgot about the power of the blogosphere and the abundant power of fellow bloggers to spread the word . So , here I am to do my part …

.. yea , I do not speak much Spanish , at least not yet . I am working on that , though . Still , the presentation of the video speakes volumes for whatever level of the goings-on that you can understand …. that ordinary Venezuelans are fighting in the streets , demonstrating and protesting to win back the freedom and liberty …

.. may God Bless them , each and every one ! God Speed , and Good Luck !! …

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