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… John Koskinen should be Held in Contempt …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 31st,2014

.. he is the current Commissioner of the Infernal Revenue Service .

.. those dummies have been stalling on congressional subpoenas that have been issued for the e – mails related to the work product of now – retired IRS person Lois Lerner …

.. Ms . Lerner has a lot to answer for . Ideally , she should get use immunity . But her conduct with the Justice Department makes me wonder whether she would comply with the terms of her proffer agreement .

.. [h/t — DailyCaller]..
.. [link] to the congressional testimony segment …

.. Trey Gowdy & Company should hold Koskinen ‘ s feet to the fire . They can and should produce Lerner ‘ s work product e – mails , and in short order . It is the gross misconduct of the Department of InJustice that Koskinen , Lerner , and many other ObamaCraps are getting away with bloody murder by obstruction of congressional oversight …


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