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… Well , What do I Think [Hobby Lobby v Sebelius] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 30th,2014

.. drawn in part from ScotusBlog , and in part from National Review ‘ s Bench Memos …

.. I think that the government is in big trouble ….

.. [h/t — ScotusBlog]..

.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. — Note — this stuff by Amy Howe of ScotusBlog helps bring the dry rigamarole of law and legal arguments into plain English . It tries to translate the legal schtuff that most folks (even me , sometimes) do not always understand , and bring it to everyday folks in a simpler and plainer manner , especially less verbose …

.. back to the wars — women can still get their health insurance and their benefits . It is just that they will not be able to get their corporate bosses to finance the abortion – related part of it , the public financing of which is already illegal under federal law .

.. also , it is a substantial burden to force people over their moral objections to pay for things that for which they have substantial and paraamount moral objections to , such as abortion and abortifacient drugs . It is not that women cannot get them . The companies are not interfering in that . It is that the government cannot force individuals , either directly (as a sole proprietorship or partnership) or as a corporation (indirectly) to violate their firmly held First Amendment rights to  freedom of religion and finance something that for which they have sincerely and deeply held moral objections …

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