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… on Judge Lawrence Walsh …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 30th,2014

.. I got the uptake on his passing from TAS . He passed away a couple of days ago at the age of 102 …

.. yes , he was a federal district court judge , but the bigger and far more notorious claim to fame was as the Independent Counsel in the Iran – Contra case …

.. [h/t — TAS]..
.. [link] to Professor Paul Kengor ‘ s blog post . This guy is a History professor at Grove City College , and is a stout and strong willed conservative educator …

.. Judge Walsh clearly had it in for the GOP . You can understand that retired Lt. Colonel Ollie North and the late Admiral John Poindexter did some very wrong and very bad things . I do , and I was very pissed at Ollie North for a number of years . Onething that helped me get over it was that the two of them both were screwed over by the system in the Iran – Contra investigation , in particular the games played by Judge Walsh and his I.C. staff …

.. also , it is clear now , as it was then , that Judge Walsh had it in for both Ronald Reagan and for George H. W. Bush . Reagan in particular was suffereing from the effects of Alzheimer ‘ s Disease . Walsh and his team had to recognize the symptoms of it , and took gross liberties with a very , very ill man .

.. also , the stunt that Professor Kengor tells us about what Judge Bill Clark told him about his conversations with Walsh eventually made its way to Papa Bush . I do not believe that Bush 41 would have pardoned Cap Weinberger and the others without the game – playing …

.. one has to figure that Walsh ‘ s stunt at the dawn of the 1992 Presidential Election also had something to do with the pardons . Walsh and his team had no business , none , playing games with a presidential election the way that they did . I believe that Bush 41 would have won the election , most certainly in the Electoral College , with the progress that he was making on the campaign trail. The Election Eve indictments changed all of that , that is for sure …


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