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… POTUS does not Understand GeoPolitics …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 29th,2014

.. and as result , Vladimir Putin is constantly making him look like a fool on the international stage …

.. [h/t — WashingtonComPost]..
.. [link] to the ComPost ‘ s Editorial ..

.. once again , the ComPost ‘ s editorial board rips POTUS a brand new one . It seems that Obama cannot  and will not  play geopolitical chess , at least on a competitive level . He had better if he has a prayer of keeping up with Putin , who doees not have the strongest of hands …

.. Russia is not the Soviet Union . Its population , especially for such a vast nation , leave it vulnerable to others  [read : China] . Remember Tom Clancy ‘ s ” The Bear and the Dragon ? ” The ” Northern Resource Area ” referred to in the book is Siberia , especially eastern Siberia .  It is the last treasure house on  the planet . The cost of opening it up would be enormous .  However , the reqwards are even more immense …


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