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… I am Not Sure What Makes Me More Sick

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 25th,2014

… that the ObamaCraps are blowing , on average , $17 million a month on ObamaCrapCare advertising , or ,

.. the White House Chief of Staff is horsing around with an interview on a Cleveland sports – talk station , talking about anything and everything , including ObamaCrapCare , at the time of a serious international crisis [Russia – Ukraine] …

.. [h/t —]..
.. [link] to the blog post ..

.. what is Denis McDonough thinking ? There is a serious international crisis in progress , and it requires serious thinking and his full attention . Yet this idiot is screwing around , yacking on a sports – talk station . He is even pitching ObamaCrapCare . There is enough pitching of that bull[bleep] going on as it is , for God ‘ s sake , you moron .

.. But this ? It is time to get serious , Denis ! …


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