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… Moshe Yaalon strikes again ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,March 23rd,2014

.. and the ObamaCraps are not going to be thrilled about it . Not one bit .

.. Yaalon is Israel ‘ s Defence Minister , as well as PM Bibi Netanyahu ‘ s right hand man . He is a key figure (no matter who is PM) in Israel ‘ s war cabinet [yes , I mean war cabinet] …

.. Yaalon believes and states it publically that Israel has to fend for itself . What he does not say , says volumes . He believes that Israel cannot depend on the United States to have Israel ‘ s back in any crisis . It is not because of a change in American morality ; It is directly because of one man , Barack Obama , traitor …

.. [h/t — theRightScoop]..
.. [link] to Minister Yaalon ‘ s comments …

.. I think that he is right , and that he is stating in public what Bibi cannot , in order to send a message to Obama ‘ s Fantasyland on the Potomac …. Also , to let them know , an attack is coming , whether you guys and gals like it or not …


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