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… Russia is Playing a Very Dangerous Game …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 17th,2014

.. I am writing this on Friday evening . It is in the expectation that the Russian – sponsored referendum will pass overwhelmingly …

.. Russia is massing about 100k troops and around 300 tanks along the 2000 mile border with Ukraine . I am expecting , to be honest , for Putin to order his troops to either seize the eastern portion of Ukraine , which is ethnically heavily Russian , or all of Ukraine .

.. The first one would be dangerous , but would not be entirely unexpected . Given the intelligence service – sponsored agitation , I expect Putin to go for the first option . The second (all of Ukraine) would be far more dangerous . It would set off all sorts of alarm bells all over the place , in Europe , in the U.S. , and elsewhere …

.. the question is what happens next ? Could we be seeing the beginning of a regional or another world war , entirely by accident , via miscalculation by a number of countries ? Also , it could send someone else to take action , given the circumstances (Israel , against Iran) ….

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