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… C.P.A.C. — Governor Rick Perry [R-Tx] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,March 12th,2014

.. here is the C.P.A.C. speech by Texas Governor and possible future Republican Presidential candidate Rick Perry [R-Tx] …

.. [h/t — theDaleyGator]..
.. [link] to the speech video …

.. unlike most candidates , Perry is going to have one hell of a record to run on , plus he will likely have turned over Texas to another Republican (Greg Abbott) . He will have left Texas in great financial shape , and have done so as well in great philosophical shape , as well .

.. Perry will have a great deal of work to do . Unlike the other possibles , he would need to show that he has lived down his bombing in debates reputation . He never did it back home in Texas , but he did on the big stage . If he wants to be considered for the big job , he will have to work his buns off for it . But , if he wants it , he just may well have another credible shot at it …

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