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… Weakness Begets Danger [GeoPolitics]…

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,March 11th,2014

.. Today , America is projecting weakness . POTUS ’ failure to enforce his red line in Syria projected weakness. His constant talk of withdrawal and ending wars so we can focus on “nation-building here at home” projects weakness. His decision to gut the U.S. defense budget and reduce the Army to pre-World War II levels projects weakness.

.. When your adversaries believe you are weak , they are emboldened to act . What is more dangerous for all is that weakness begets miscalculation . Wars are begun that way …. Putin believes there will be no real costs for his intervention in Ukraine because there were no costs in Syria . He thinks that the Obama ” Doctrine ” is to do just enough “ not to get mocked . ” He just may well be right . If he is , then it will have consequences far beyond the Crimean Peninsula. A failure to impose costs on Russia will further embolden adversaries from Beijng to Pyongyang to Tehran — all of whom are measuring Obama’s resolve in Ukraine, just as Putin measured Obama’s resolve in Syria and found it lacking.

.. The lesson of history is clear: Weakness is provocative. And symbolic gestures and strongly worded statements are not enough . They are certainly not going to get Russian troops out of Ukraine …

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