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… Another Disastrous ObamaCrapCare Mess [Washington state] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,March 10th,2014

.. yep , another one .

.. no , it is not Cover Oregon . More to come on that colossal cluster[bleep] …

.. it is right next door . No , wrong direction . North , not south . It is not to say that Covered California is going great guns . It is just , so far , that the state of California is , so far , much better at covering it up . If Covered California is as big a mess as I believe that it is , the story will well up to the surface , soon enough ..

.. this dandy was courtesy of the dummies in Washington state . They did not make sure that their state exchange was compatible with their public health and benefit programs . If it were , then it would be relatively simple to tell who was / is eligible for what … But , noooooooooo …

.. get a snipet of this news report from KIRO TV from Seattle …

.. [link] to the news report ….

.. or , almost as bad , this snooze report on the state exchange from the Seattle Times …

.. [link] to the blog post …


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