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… What is POTUS thinking ?

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,March 8th,2014

.. has he learned nothing in 5 years in office ?

.. China — China is behaving like a regional bully ; Japan and India are linking up …. potentially , both those two nations , along with South Korea . What must the ChiComs be thinking ? …
.. Russia — look at current events … Putin has to judge how far he can go , and what he can get away with … if he miscalculates , then things could get real dicey in Europe …. and the Europeans will have no one but themselves to blame for it …
.. North Korea — North Korea is crazy , but how crazy ? Would they be nuts enough to start things all over again on the Korean Peninsula ? They just might ?
.. Israel — POTUS is acting as if Israel (and Netanyahu) is the problem . He thinks that by the animal magnetism of his personality that Bibi will back down and acceed to his wishes …. Well , he is in for a big surprise . Bibi will not back down . He will call POTUS ‘ bluff . It will especially be much easier to do since POTUS is not speaking to AIPAC , it will get even the DummyCrap jewish folks attention …

.. the WashingtonComPost editorial , blasting POTUS for his head – in – fantasyland foreign policy … [link]…

.. the WashingtonFreeBeacon piece on the highlights of Jeff Goldberg ‘  s interview from Bloomberg News … [link]…

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