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… Why I support Arizona ‘ s Religious Freedom Bill …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 24th,2014

.. and I most strongly urge Governor Jan Brewer to sign it .

..  one of the chief reason is to make sure that people get to celebrate their religious liberty — and are not forced to be compelled to produce a product or service against their will . Just because people go into business does not mean that they forfeit their constitutional rights . They still have the right to make decisions in their business based upon their religious faith and religious precepts . The First Amendment to the Constitution should still mean something in practical everyday use .

.. What is going on in New Mexico , Oregon , Washington State , and Colorado , among other states , is that each state has passed a so – called ” human rights ” law , incorporating gays and lesbians into its orbit . As a result ,  these laws have become to be used as a war club by pro gay rights activist in going after businesses that refuse to serve gays or lesbians . More often than not , this has been in the area of so – called same –  sex wedding celebrations . When the business says no service , the gay rights folks sue for discrimination . Because of this legal mess , the businesses have to pay ruinous legal fees just to have the chance to remain in business . Some cannot . An Oregon cakeshop ceased doing business in the normal fashion , the  owners retreating to their home as a home – based business as a result . How sad , and how outrageous .

.. Activist judges have been taking the law into their own hands , such as with gay and lesbian rights . These anarchist judges have pushed the envelope far , far ahead of things than many of us in society want to happen or expect to  happen . Yet , they still do this . What are these folks doing , casting tiddly winks ? Hardly . They are making law from the bench ,  which is not their job .

.. In addition , interest groups and others are using two laws , one well known (section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act) and one unknown (the Civil Rights Attorney Fees Act of 1976) to bash so many folks over the head with a billy club . These loonie – toons practice what is known as lawfare , using the threat of ruinous legal fees , plus the payment of the plaintiff ‘ s judgement and legal fees , in order to compel a settlement . Nowadays , this weapon is being turned potentially against churches ….

.. Arizona undoubtedly has a law like this . They have seen what has been going on in neighboring states , including the Elaine Photography case in New Mexico . The dilemma in Arizona that the lawmakers have to think about is this : Should someone be compelled to produce a product or service for something that they do not support (such as same – sex weddings ,  same – sex adoptions , you get the idea) as in the Elaine Photography case , based upon sound religious reasons ,  in violation of their First Amendment rights to freedom of religion and religious practice ?

.. I say no . These states are pushing the acceptance of same – sex acts on at times an unwilling populace . If people are not comfortable doing so , and it is because of religion and religious faith , then they should not be forced into an accomodation with others . Also , the state is forcing ” compelled speech ” by doing this . Doing such a thing is in gross violation of the First Amendment rights of the defendants . Also , the interest groups make it all but impossible for folks to defend themselves because of their lawfare strategy . Giving people their religious rights once again gives them the chance to defend themselves .

.. this bill has been proposed in Ohio , I believe . The legislature can pass it , because the votes are easily there [61-38 in the State House , 23 – 10 in the State Senate] . The big question is Governor Kasich . This year is an election year , and he is on  the ballot . He probably does not want to give gays and lesbians any ” bulletin board ” material with which to play with on the political trail .

.. Ohio is an initiative and referendum state . Yes , that means gays and lesbians could mount a issue campaign to put the bill before voters . However , if the bill is approved with 3/5ths support [60 in the House , 20 in the Senate] , then no campaign is allowed . The bill would be considered an ” emergency , ” and would take effect immediately ..


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