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… Are These Folks Crazy ? [EcoSocialists] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,February 21st,2014

.. reductions in the environmental discharge of a wood – burning stove .

.. yes , of a wood – burning stove .

.. so , what do they want , carbon – capture tech ? It does not exist in a practical nature … this is madness …

.. these loons are pulling a ” sue and settle ” stunt …. What that means is where an interest group (or two , or more) , plus states (usually with anarchist DemoCrap Attorneys General) sue the Environmental Protection Agency . The legal pretext is dubious , but borderline , based upon the text of current environmental law …

.. It is , to say the least , collusion , and to me , more like a conspiracy . The E.P.A. gets the power to regulate something that they would have no business regulating , with the reasoning that they normally could not and would not be able to use . The interest group gets to further their agenda , and eventually seed their people in the media , as well as the regulatory agency . They also get publicity , which to them can be more valuable than gold , and can be cashed in in fundraising , or from collecting from the government in terms of damages and legal fees . Sweet deal , huh ?

.. This thing is nuts . Once the DemoCraps get blown out , the laws need to be updated . A more science – based form of reasoning needs to be put in the law . Climate change (i.e. , global warming) needs to be specifically taken out of the laws . More cost – benefit reasoning needs to be put into the environmental regulations , in order to keep interest groups from running wild . Sanity and predictability needs to return to regulation .

.. there is also another issue that needs to be addressed . First , Section 1983 of the Civil Rights Act needs to remain , so that people can bring acts for the legitimate cases that need to be brought . Sovereign Immunity needs to return to the states . It will give the states and localities the immediate presumption of innocence . It will put the burden of proof on the plaintiff to prove fault , with a much higher standard of cause .

.. Also , the Civil Rights Attorney ‘ s Fees Act of 1976 needs to be repealed . This is the law that allows so – called ” civil rights ” groups the opportunity to extort money from folks who are trying to maintain the legitimate exercise of government power . The nutjobs misuse this law in order for ” legal ” extortion from those folks , jacking up legal fees , and not allowing them to fight back , especially due to the ridiculous nature of so many of the actions that are brought . Sanity and tradition needs to return , and that extortionite law needs to go …


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