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… What do People Want — Old School Hospitals ?!?! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,February 20th,2014

.. at the rate things are going , that may be where we are headed .

.. those hospitals of yesteryear were something to behold . There were wards of patients , large rooms where there were 10 to 12 people to a ward . Infection control was at a premium , because of all of that close contact . Things were worse , believe you me .

.. I am not that old , but my parents and grandparents were that old . Hospitals were much different in those days . What we have now are so much better . Those old ones may start making a comeback because of financial cutbacks . When you keep cutting reimbursement rates to doctors and hospitals , year after year , things like this in Georgia will keep happening …

.. I live in Northeast Ohio . The market (health and otherwise) that I refer to extends to the counties surrounding the one (Cuyahoga) that I live in . The city of Cleveland [which many of you may well recognize] is our county seat . Our area has roughly about 30 hospitals . Most of the counties , save this one , have at most 2 , sometimes 3 hospitals . We used to have about 36 . Six hospitals (maybe more , I think) have closed in the last decade , many due to the cuts in reimbursement rates . We have 3 major hospital networks , the Cleveland Clinic network (run by the Clinic as the home base) , the University Hospitals network [UH is a part of Case Western Reserve University , located in Cleveland] . The third is the Metro Health Medical Center network . Metro is our county hospital , publically supported by tax funds and a subsidy . They are emerging as a network , and will continue to in order to financially survive .

.. In our area , most of our hospitals are east of the Cuyahoga River . The west side of the area makes do just fine with only about 10 to 12 hospitals . Only one west side hospital has closed in recent years . The mass of  the closures , as you might realize , are on the east side of the area , albeit in Cuyahoga County . When the east side has shrank in economic size and population , the number of hospitals is inevitablity going to shrink .

.. Things like this in Georgia are going to continue to happen , nationwide , due to these cuts ….

.. [h/t — DailyCaller]..

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