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… Interesting Ad [Louisiana US Senate] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 18th,2014

.. that the DummyCraps are not going to like , not one bit .

.. Senator Mary Landrieux [D-La] is going to be very popular this election cycle . Her political position has become very , very precarious . She is either even in the polls with her potential (likely Republican) opponents , or she is trailing them . Worse for her , she is well below 50 percent in the polls . That is the ” danger ” zone for any incumbent …

.. Louisiana is an unusual byrd . It has what is known in the elections trade as a ” jungle ” primary . Democraps , Republicans , and Independents , everybody runs in the primary , which is held on the regular Election Day [in November] . If the first place winner gets 50% + 1 vote , then they are elected . If not , then the top 2 finishers , regardless of party , go on to the runoff election (usually held about 5 to 6 weeks later) .

.. this year , Landrieux should make the runoff , but it is not guaranteed . If she is the only Dem , then she will make it . If another Dem with any support runs , then she is in deep doo – doo . She and a republican will move on to the (December) runoff election . Depending on the General Eleection results , control of the Senate could be in the balance .

.. I think that she will go . Ads like this one will be thick as fleas all year long …

.. [h/t — theWeeklyStandard]..
.. [link] to the campaign ad ..

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