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… Originally , I was Not Going to Post This [Jerry Seinfeld update] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,February 12th,2014

.. but , as usual , Rush is right ..

.. The Lamestream Media is punding on Jerry Seinfeld . The guy relies on not quite so wholesome but relatively clean comedy . Also , he does not give a whit about the P.C. culture that seems to consume today ‘ s culture . The media leans on him because of that as a result of it .

.. So , I doubt Jerry is a Republican . I am almost certain that he is not a conservative . I did not respect him all that much before . I have more respect for him , now , because he has the courage of his convictions , and he is sticking to his guns in general , but moreso on the P.C. stuff in particular . Go for it , Jerry ! ..

.. [h/t — DailyRushbo] ..

.. [link] to Rush ‘ s audio clip , and [link] to video clip …

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