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… What Do I Think of Common Core ?? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 11th,2014

.. originally , I could have supported something like this . Standardizing the education standards between the states does make some bit of sense . But , not at the loss of state sovereignty and latitute in education policy and planning . Localities need to still have control .

.. Now , I am foursquare against it . The ObamaCraps and their minions have misused it to grab power and funding from the states . They are attempting to jam their ideas of pc history , new english , new math , and other types of pc ideas and subjects , such as pc civics and government . How screwed up is that .

.. States co – ordinating things with localities is one thing . As long as those localities know something of what they are doing , they should be able to retain full control . However , those local folks should be and must be held accountable . That accountability should be academic in nature , through testing and proficiencies , as well as financial , in terms of financial management . But , otherwise , they should be able to do what they want , within the bounds of state guidelines …

.. Common Core does not allow this . This is a disgusting and gross grab for power by the Education establishment. It must be stopped , and stopped now …


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