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… Touchy , Aren’t You [Cover Oregon] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,February 11th,2014

.. paging Dr. Kitzhaber , paging Dr. Kitzhaber .

.. John Kitzhaber is not going to have a fun or easy year . He is on the ballot for re – election , which is something he has experience with . Kitz ran for and won 2 terms before leaving office , due to term limits . Now , he is back , and is going to be on the ballot again . But , it will be far more difficult .

.. Oregon is an off – year Governor ‘ s state , so Kitz does not have the benefit of the turnout machine of POTUS to help him . Also , he does not have Ron Wyden on the ballot , either . Wyden is a far better politician , and also served in the U.S. House , as well as the Oregon Senate . He is no dummy , and has the connections with the eco-socialists and the unions that Jeff Merkely [who is on the ballot with Kitz] lacks . So , Kitzhaber has a big problem .

.. Well , he has an even bigger problem : Cover Oregon . Oregon chose to operate a state – level exchange , a choice that may or may not have been wise . The federal exchange is having enough problems , but it is doing dandy , in comparison to Cover Oregon , which is an abject disaster . C.O. is all the responsibility of Governor John Kitzhaber …

.. Which explains this blunder from this past week . Kitzhaber was having a press availability , with the local media  in that particular area present . Well , the articles from KATU – TV [ABC] and other media have been getting a lot more press in Oregon these days . C.O. is a disaster , with the waste of over $300 million in taxpayer dollars …

.. People are asking questions , and Dr. Kitz is getting touchy …

.. [h/t —] ..

.. [link] .. to the press conference clip …

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