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… Insurance is One Thing [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 8th,2014

.. and access is something else .

.. the insurance exchanges are non – profit state agencies . In this case , Covered California is a state – level one . Three quarters of the states are on the federal dole . Those dummies could not give a fig about any kind of control over their costs . With the  states , it is an entirely different matter ..

.. Covered California is a state – exchange . This entity was created by the state legislature , and signed into law by Governor Jerry Brown . In their case , they have to act like a business . The big problem is : How to Control Costs . Doing it in practice is not quite so simple .

.. Putting the hammer on primary care is one thing . The practice of primary care medicine is evolving , and fairly rapidly . Medical practices are consolidating , and are , to be honest , becoming far more corporate . Specialists are doing likewise .

.. The problem is , still — How to Control Costs ???

.. These dummies are not using the market to do it . The market would do it , and do it nicely , by incentivising consumers to the costs and benefits of their medical choices and the maintenance and changes in their health status . The ObamaCraps are contributing to it by hamstringing Health Savings Accounts [H.S.A.s]] . They are not eliminated , but they are heavily regulated , and are effectively blocked from helping with the consumer  ‘ s choices  .

.. Another blunder is the design of the system . HSAs would be ideal for this . Especially when you can build up savings over time , or deposit more of your own money , in addition to your employer ‘ s coin . When you do that , you would have much more saved , and can be much more picky about what and who to buy from , as well as why .

.. As a result , the state exchange [Covered California] is resorting to restricting access . What this is , means rationing . The primary care physicans act in a way similar as they would in an H.M.O. , as a gatekeeper . A patient would need a referral to see a specialist . Unfortunately , even the number of primary care docs is limited .

.. Insurance is one thing — Access is Another …

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