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… I See People ‘ s Point [Coca Cola Super Bowl ad controversy] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 8th,2014

.. this is about Coca Cola ‘ s Super Bowl Ad .

.. for those who wonder , yes I watched the game . All of it . Caught virtually all of the commercials . Even the bad ones . This one was not a bad one . Repeat , this Coca Cola Super Bowl ad (entitled “Its Beautiful) was a fairly good one . It could have been better ..

.. yea , I predicted that Denver would win . I am eating crow , and am paying off a gentleman ‘ s wager ..

.. Remember , Coca Cola is a worldwide brand , as is the National Football League . So , sometimes they are going to do things that are a tad controversial to an American audience …

.. [-] first , it needed subtitles , for both the language being used , and for the line of the song . Not everyone is going to realize that it is America the Beautiful until they start to hear the words .Sometimes , it comes from seeing them …

.. [-] guys , we are a multicultural society , one that is majority white . Quit the whining , and grow up .

.. [h/t — YouTube]..

.. [link] to the commercial . For those who have not seen it ,  and may not have a copy of it , please do a Google search for the words of ” America the Beautiful . ” …


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