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… Nice Going , Your Lordship [Obama] [on ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,February 7th,2014

.. you have always accepted the Congressional Budget Office as an impartial arbiter of the budgetary impact of your ObamaCrapCare policy . Well , they have come out with an up-to-date report , and it is not good , [link] …

.. these changes that have been put into effect by ObamaCrapCare are having a drastic effect on the private sector . According to the C.B.O. , these policy changes are causing up to (or will cause) 2.5 million jobs to be eliminated over the next ten years [at a minimum] . That is at a minimum , to be honest .

.. Given the forecast methods and models of the C.B.O. , I am betting that these numbers have been drastically underestimated . The C.B.O. uses Static Revenue Analysis in its modeling . Any competent economist in a case like this would use Dynamic Revenue Analysis . When they do , the impact is likely to rise by quite a bit …

.. just to check , that is 2.5 million jobs over a ten year period … roughly 250,000 jobs a year , or 20k jobs a month … that is not an insignificant impact …


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