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… Cover Oregon is a Disgrace …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,February 6th,2014

.. and it is going to cause all sorts of trouble in the [ ] State .

.. [h/t — theWeeklyStandard] ..

.. [link] to the KATU news report …

.. Oregon is , of course , light Blue . Both U.S. Senators are DemoCraps , 4 of the 5 Congresscritters are Dems , John Kitzhaber [himself a Dr] is a DemGovernor , and the legislature is controlled by the Dems . Things are far from hopeless for the GOP , however .

.. John Kitzhaber (the Dem Gov) is on the ballot and is running for re – election . He faces very fierce opposition , becuase four years ago , he was elected with barely 50% of the vote against a little known GOPer [retired NBA star Chris Dudley] . Not sure if Duds is back , but the Cover Oregon debacle has Kitz on the hot seat , with the heat turned up to White Hot . Which is as hot as it gets . My guess is that this colossal mess will make Kitz a sure loser in November …

.. Kitz going down will drag other Dems with him . Not the congressccritters , though . Only 2 of the other 4 House Dem races are competitive . The Oregon legistlature is another matter . So is Jeff Merkely . Ron Wyden is a wily leg vet , but he is thankful that he is not on the ballot . However , Merkely is , and he is a freshman up for his first re – election . Without His Lordship [POTUS] protecting his back , I believe Merkely will come into big trouble come summertime , espc as it becomes known that Kitz is going down . Then , the legislature ..

.. The legislature is competitive , much more so than most people realize . The numbers are : State House , 26 R , 34 D ;  State Senate , 14 R , 16 D . So , one chamber , the other , or both could flip with a big enough wave . The possibility is that the Oregon Senate will flip . The Oregon House is another matter . His Lordship is not on the ballot , and Kitzhaber is , which will make for a very interesting couple of days after election day .

— note — Oregon conducts its elections entirely by mail . So the news of who wins and who controls may not be known until a couple of days after Election Day ..

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