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… What could POTUS have been thinking ??? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,February 3rd,2014

.. yes , I know , he has a half – brother , Malik . And , yes , he has a charitable foundation designed for fundraising for his post – presidential activities . But while he is still POTUS ?

.. worse yet , for Malik to post a photo at the foundation , one such as this …

.. [h/t — PJMedia] ..

.. [link] to the post & photo ..


.. here is the photo , itself …

malik obama (kaffiyeh)

.. this photo is incredibly politically insensitive . My guess is that , eventually , those idiots at Obama ‘ s foundation are going to remove the photo . Someone had to be the height of stoopid to post this , realizing the symbolism of the kaffiyeh , and a picture of it being on the half – brother of POTUS …. Really stoopid , guys , really stoopid !


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