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… Nice Cute Cheerios Ad [Super Bowl] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 1st,2014

.. funny moment , with the mess on the dad ‘ s lap on the couch …

.. simple . cute . family . funny . inexpensive .

.. boy , has it gone ” viral . ”

.. especially since , once again , pMSNBC has made a bunch of idiots of themselves … Nice going , morons …

.. [h/t– youtube]..                        [h/t — DailyMail(UK)]                        [h/t — youtube]

.. [link] to the commercial ..        .. [link] to the story / commercial   .. [link] to the commercial

.. the two on the left are the ” Heart ” ads … the one on the right is the ” baby brother ” ad . Both may be used on game day …

.. you would think in this day and age , people would be more careful about their social media contacts and accounts . Especially when your account is that of a news network . pMSNBC had an incipient GOP boycott on their hands , if there was anyone left in the Republican party who would have anything to do with them as it is . Well , for once pMSNBC actually did something smart …

.. they reacted , and fast …

— note — something for everyone to remember [not just pMSNBC] — Connect Mouth to Brain before putting Mouth into Gear , or putting Finger to Send Button …

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