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… Great and Simple Ad , Scarlett !! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,February 1st,2014

.. I caught this ad , even though I am not exactly a Scarlett Johannson fan . Well , I am still not , but I am open to the possibility , now . She is unquestionably beautiful , no doubt about it . Also , a great ad . Simple , Dignified . Classy . Emerging Company . Known Company .

.. [h/t — BleacherReport]

.. [link] to the commercial .

.. I caught up with this because Sodastream is a good product , but more so is because it is an Israeli company , with operations in part in the West Bank [Judea & Sumeria] . Johannson has , until recently , had charitable food group Oxfam as one of her good works . She broke ties with Oxfam because of calls of her to split with Sodastream , and over their ops in the West Bank .

.. from what I know , Johannson is not Jewish , but has family that is . So , she is no dimb bulb . She evidently did her homework before she took up the ad campaign for Sodastream . She pretty well understood what she was getting into . Not the boycott calls , though .

.. this one is the ” uncensored ” version . The ad will run on FOX on the Super Bowl broadcast , but the last part of the ad , about Coke and Pepsi , will be edited out ..

= = = =     = = = =

.. yea , I am a football fan . If you are wondering , I am a longtime and lifelong fan of the Cleveland Browns . So , you can say that I am a glutton for punishment [Ha!Ha!Ha!] …

.. yea , I am going to watch the Super Bowl . I am pulling for Denver to win . The big difference will be Seattle ‘ s offence against Denver ‘ s defence . Peyton Manning will find a way to move the ball . Moreno & Ball will help , some , maybe enough . The difference maker will be MarShawn Lynch & Co against Denver ‘ s run defence …

.. If Seattle runs the ball well , then Denver is in trouble . I do not think that Seattle will , unless they bring back the read option and use it a lot .

.. Denver 28 , Seattle 24 ..


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