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… Spot On , Ted Cruz [on Exec Orders] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

.. Senator Cruz was being interviewed by a reporter , and was being very , very frank …

.. [h/t — CNSnews]

.. [link] to the video segment ..

.. this one was done a day before the SOTU , but is just as applicable . POTUS ‘ abuse and misuse of executive orders is waaaay beyond the pale .

.. By the by , it is not the number of them , it is the content of them and their potential and likely illegality . Most any President will test the bounds of the powers of their office , but will know when and where to stop . Nixon obviously did not . Obama is making good ol ‘ Tricky Dick look like a choirboy by comparison , given his actions .

.. Obama has to think and probably is thinking that because he has Dingy Harry [Reid] to cover his “six” , he has nothing to worry about . As long as Dingy Harry is the majority leader of the Senate , maybe … when (not if) Reid goes , then POTUS is in even deeper doo – doo . It will set up the GOP with as many as 53 to 54 votes in the Senate , and the leaning votes of at least 5 other Dems [Nelson,Manchin,Feinstein,King(i),Warner] . That puts the GOP within range of conviction and removal range … Uh Oh !!

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