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Melissa Harris-Perry and her “racial trigger”

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 31st,2014

… nice hair trigger , MHP !! …

The Daley Gator

Oh good grief, this woman has ESP for RAAAAACISM now

At the University’s 2014 Black History Month Keynote Lecture Thursday evening, Harris-Perry discussed ways to address racial issues on campus to about 500 students, faculty, staff and alumni who attended the lecture at Rackham Auditorium.

The hour-long lecture delved into a history of the collective efforts of the Black community, from the Civil Rights Movement to the continued institutional marginalization of Black bodies and experiences today. Harris-Perry said continuous struggle is an avoidable trait of a democracy, and stressed that one uncontested voice is more fitting of a totalitarian regime.

She said a problem with campus activism today is that allies have not experienced the same “corporeal body experiences” of the Black community, and misunderstandings often arise as a result.

“A problem with race talk on campus is how we know that we know something,” Harris-Perry said. “I know that…

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