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… POTUS should manage Our Resources Carefully …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

.. Obama is the President , not a Dictator .

.. Congress appropriates the money , and then pays the bills .

.. Ergo , POTUS should manage the public resources very , very carefully .

.. He should not unilaterally raise the minimum wage for federal workers . Such a move should be budgeted for and paid for by Congress . POTUS can propose it , but to dictate it on his own I believe does not have the force of law .

.. The Executive Branch usually gets some latitude in contracting . Not a whole lot , though . They have tohave a very good reason to ignore the lowest bidder . I do not believe that they can ignore the lowest bid if they do not include a higher minimum wage . Congress has set the Contracting rules , and the Executive Branch is supposed to enforce them .

.. It will be very interesting when the first contract bidder is turned down because of this . Believe you me , someone will test this on an ideological bent . I hope that they do . I believe that they will be found out to be right …

.. If he does this , I think they ought to calculate what the cost would have been without the minimum wage, and appropriate that, and not a penny more. It is then up to Obama to figure out how to handle the shortfall. Don’t like it? Welcome to the world of business owners, Mr. President! They have to make hard choices and so should you.

Even so, Mr. Obama’s vow to use his executive authority more robustly has drawn criticism from Republicans who say he has already stretched and, in some cases, exceeded the bounds of his power, much as he once accused President George W. Bush of doing.

Among other things, Mr. Obama unilaterally deferred deportation of many younger illegal immigrants after Congress declined to pass legislation giving them legal status. He has delayed enforcement of several aspects of his hotly disputed health care law. He declined to defend in court the Defense of Marriage Act, a law barring federal recognition of same-sex marriages.

As he looks ahead to three more years in office, and with Republicans likely to still hold one if not both houses of Congress, Mr. Obama has sought other ways of enacting his agenda. Perhaps the most far-reaching area will be the environment, where the Environmental Protection Agency is working on regulations to limit carbon emissions at the nation’s power plants.

Imagine if Republicans won the Senate this year, and lawmakers declared they no longer needed a presidential signature to pass certain laws. There would be a cry of outrage. And these actions would be ignored, because Congress has no enforcement agency. But Obama’s declaring he does not need congressional authorization to change our laws? That barely registers in the national consciousness.  And yet this is more dangerous, because Obama has the police power. He has the guns. If anyone needs to be checked, he does.

On his radio show, Mark Levin has accurately described what is taking place here as a slow-motion coup. Regardless of the constitutionality of today’s action, it is clear that Obama is taking on powers that a President simply does not possess under the Constitution. The problem is, lawsuits are not the way to stop this. The way to stop it is Congressional action.

.. I think that things are going to reach a breaking point , and soon . Even Congress has its limits . POTUS will do something stoopid . People will not think that it is , but it will turn to be the case . The media will finally begin to take notice of his arrogance and his abuse of power . Someone of prominence will then finally call for his impeachment . It will be the I word , for now . It will become part of the election debate , and POTUS will lose , and lose BIG !!



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