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Beretta expands operations, gun control haven Maryland hardest hit

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 29th,2014

… it figures , Gator ! … especially with a loon like Martin O ‘ Malley in power …

The Daley Gator

Liberals just do not grasp this basic economic truth-When you continue to kick businesses in the gut, they will leave! And while legendary gun maker Beretta has not let Maryland entirely, this might be a small first step that grows larger and larger

When anti-gun Democrats in the state of Maryland exploited the Sandy Hook massacre as an excuse for even more draconian gun control, Beretta warned them that if the bill became law, they’d go out of state to a more friendly political climate for their planned U.S. expansion.

They didn’t bluff:

“I want to thank the Beretta family for their substantial investment in Tennessee and the 300 jobs they’ll create in Sumner County,” Haslam said. “Beretta is one of the world’s great companies, and its commitment to excellence and Tennessee’s rich history in manufacturing make today’s announcement a great match as we continue toward our goal of…

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