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… Why am i not Surprised [ObamaCrapCare] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Tuesday,January 28th,2014

.. these idiots are not paying attention to detail to leave a security vulnerability this large and significant this open ?

.. Why have they not paid attention to seucirty at all ?

.. David Kennedy is a ” White Hat ” security expert . He is a hacker , but he uses his hacking skills to test systems for security vulnerabilities . Evidently , he has developed quite a reputation in D.C. . He has pointed out that there are serious problems , such as this [one] and this [one] .

..He and others that have testified before Congress (at least in the House) that they do not trust the security setup for “” at all. They would not trust their financial or / and medical info on the site . They would recommend that others not use the site , either …

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