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… No , it is Right …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Wednesday,January 22nd,2014

.. to hold teachers accountable for what goes on in the classroom  . We as taxpayers have  invested hundreds of billions of  dollards into our schools , and what have we gotten ?? … a boatload  of crap ! We have every right and every expectation to want to know not just what it is our kids are  learning , but why .

.. teachers need to be held responsible for their actions .

..  [h/t — EAGnews]

.. [link] to the news piece ..

..  teachers need to be  held to account for the product of what they teach . It is not just a matter of promotion rates and grades  , as well as attendance . People expect results , and that means both satisfactory and improving  proficiency test results . If the faculty  does not like it , too bad …

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