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… ARod has little chance in court …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,January 13th,2014

.. Alex Rodriguez [ARod] is appealing his season – long suspension that was handed down by the arbitrator . MLB supports the arb , of course .

.. ARod has very little chance of overturning his suspension in court . The courts do not like to intervene in arbitration cases , in any case . They like to do it even less in a case where it is a part of a contract that is freely arrived at and is negotiated in good faith .

.. Short of a drastic screw up , the courts will not intervene in an arbitration case situation that is set up by a process that is freely negotiated by a labour union and the management of a company [in this case , MLB as a whole] . There could be a screw up , but i doubt it . The arbitrator has crossed his ” t s ” and dotted his ” i s ” in preparation of his decision . They also do not want the precedent of having sports arbitration decisions becoming legal footballs . Congress has set a very high standard , and the U.S. Supreme Court has ratified it by a strong precedent .

.. Case rejected , lack of appeallable subject matter .

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