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… The War on Poverty is a Drastic Failure …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,January 10th,2014

.. my God , what a disaster ! ..

.. the poverty rate wasat about 8% to 10% , and headed downward. Over 50 years , we have blown a hell of a lot ofmoney . What is the result ? The rate is now at about 15% , and it is slowly trending upward …

.. the state of the black community (in general) and the black family (in particular) is in shambles . Not long ago , only 6% of babies were born out of wedlock. Now , the rate [overall] is at 44% , with the rate in the black community at an astonishing 65% , and growing .

.. we spend over $200 billion on 80 different poverty programs . Over 100 million of our fellow citizens receive aid from at least one . Ouch ! …

.. who can or could argue that our anti-poverty spending [over $10 trillion , and climbing] is a success …

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