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… Didn’t Anyone Teach You [Antartica] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 29th,2013

.. that going anywhere near a shitload of ice is bound to get you into  trouble .

.. Yes , Antartica can be approched by sea . But , very carefully . Evidenty , the Russians  did not remember that lesson  . one of their research vessels is stuck in Anarctic ice . So far , the vessel is not in any serious danger  …. at least not as of yet . However , ice has a habit of moving around and piling up on itself . Because of that fact , the ice can ” change its mind ” and move in on the Russian research vessel , and put it in mortal danger … even in danger of sinking . The research vessel is built for trips like this , but you never know …  .

.. Adding to the comedy of errors is the problem that a Chinese icebreaker that  had been dispatched to bust loose the Russian ship is itself now stuck in the ice … and now Russia and Australia have dispatched icebreakers to the scene ..

.. What a mess ..

.. Right now , the vessel [the MV  Akademik Shokalskiy] is well supplied , but the sooner they can break loose , the better …

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