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… Iran Runs Its Mouth — POTUS ends up with a Black Eye …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 27th,2013

.. guess what ?

.. Iran is stating that it is developing a new generation of centrifuges . Just Dandy ?!

.. the current group is bad enough . now there will be more . Does anyone beilieve that Iran ‘ s nuclear program is for peaceful purposes ? POTUS does . What an idiot …

.. israel can only wait for so long . As big a mess as Turkey is in , they will realize that their lot belongs with their old ally [Israel] — and not their putative new one [Iran] . The Iranians cannot be trusted . Israel ‘ s word is as good as it gets .

.. Iran is vulnerable . So is Israel . and many nations that are supposed to be allies of ours are feeling betrayed by POTUS , aka the First Wus ! . They know that their lot is still with the United States , but they are wondering if they can survive the Obama years . Some of them wonder …

.. Israel can , though , take care of itself . She will only wait for so long . Do Not be surprised if PM Netanyahu gives the ” go ” order and it pulls us [yes , the United States] into a war in the Middle East . Iran will retaliate , and hit our allies , even our bases and command centers . Do not forget that our CentCom forward base is in Qutar , among other facilities . Ditto other facilities in Kuwait .

.. if they are going to get hit , the mullahs are going to want to take others with them , whether they like it or not . Ditto Hezbollah . They would also love to screw with the world ‘ s oil markets . A Middle East war , including the U.S. , would send oil prices soaring well over $150 a barrel , maybe even $200 a barrel . It would throw the U.S. and the West , at least for a while , into a sharp recession . Yikes …

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