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… No Kidding , Senator Joe ! …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 23rd,2013

.. POTUS is an aloof , arrogant , above – it – all S.O.B. .

.. [h/t]

.. [link] to Senator Manchin ‘ s comments , courtesy of CNN ‘ s ” State of the Union . ”

.. What leadership style ? He does not have one . He does not know the meaning of the word ..

.. It is to be thankful that (yes , amazingly) Patty Murray negotiated with Paul Ryan on the recent budget deal . Not that I am wild about it . i am not all that thrilled about it , though .

.. Tactically , it is not the best thing to happen . Strategically , though , it is , at least for the G.O.P. . The Dems are backpeddaling like crazy on ObamaCrapCare , and are forced to defend it . its problems and hiccups keep popping up every day , it seems . The Dems are dreading having to defend the bill during the election campaign , and are realizing that there will be fewer of them , and more of the GOP after November ‘ s elections .

.. the


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