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… Replace David Gregory on ” Meet the DePressed ” …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 22nd,2013

.. it does not necessarily mean that you do it with Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski ..

.. Someone younger and who is a decently tough questioner would help . Check out the rosters at the other networks . They have plenty of good people on their payroll who know how to ask a tough question .

.. Also , try to get someone who is not a philiosophical bigot . None of the Mouseketeers on pMSNBC need not apply . Matin Savidge (on CNN) and Kelly O ‘ Donnell (on NBC) are a good place to start . They (and retired CNN reporter Bob Franken) all have a place common to them : They spent the earliest and best parts of their careers in broadcast journalism in Cleveland . Yes , Cleveland , Ohio .

.. No , it does not mean bringing in a conservative . A left – of – center moderate would help . Do Not forget that Tim Russert worked for Daniel Patrick Moynihan and Mario Cuomo before he was hired at NBC . Also , Russert went to college and law school here in Greater Cleveland [college at John Carroll University , law school at Cleveland – Marshall College of Law , just as it was becoming a part of Cleveland State University] .

.. Someone with some decent chops is helpful . Gregory stinks , is a bigot , and the Mice at pMSNBC are no good , save the Morning Crew .

.. Also , when you replace the host , change up the media commentators . They are just as bad . Do Not limit yourself to D.C. or N.Y.C. . Try L.A. , Boston , or the Heartland …also , talk radio , bloggers , and others …

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