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… Yea , Why Does Not Joe Manchin become a Republican ? …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 21st,2013

.. it is , because he is a rare bird , ” Scoop Jackson ” Democrat .

.. Also , it is while those of his kind are accepted in the DemoCrap party . At the rate things are going , the younger and more ultraliberal crowd is ruling the roost in the Senate Dem caucus .

.. [link] to Charles Krauthammer ‘ s teaseing of Senator Manchin , when he was in Special Report ‘ s Center Seat on Fox News Channel the other night …

.. They are a majority , right now , so Manchin will probably stay . Once he feels alienated enough , and / or the idiots in that caucus ” burn down the house ” and drive the DemoCraps into the minority , Manchin will be an excellent candidate to switch parties [re : the way that Richard Shelby did in 1994 , when he crossed over , after the GOP blowout victory] . The only difference is that Manchin will likely do that BEFORE it happens …

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