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… the Latest ObamaCrapCare change …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Saturday,December 21st,2013

.. the one making so – called ” hardship exceptions ” to many people , is going to cause hell in the organization and finances of the exchanges ..

.. Worse yet , many of those exchanges (the ones that the states set up) are in blue states . So , these dummies have to pony up for the expansion of Medicaid AND the financial problems of the state exchanges , many or most of which are non – profits , with state charters …

.. These exchanges are going to go back to their respective states for more money , and there is going to be sticker shock on the amount . Doubly so with the Medicaid Bill . Expanding Medicaid as much as the ObamaCraps did is going to stick these states with one honey of a budgetary stomachache for the bill … the larger ones may survive , but the smaller ones will come hat in hand back to D.C. for help … and H.H.S. will have no legal authority to give them any $$ …

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