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… ObamaCrapCare enrollments are in the Toilet …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Friday,December 20th,2013

.. so , His Lordship makes another unilateral change ?

.. It appears that POTUS & Co have made another unilateral change to ObamaCrapCare . They did it once again without any consultation with or the agreement of Congress . As is supposed to be done under our Constitution …

.. Those who have lost their insurance policies under ObamaCrapCare have been made temporarily exempt from the individual mandate . I believe that it does not apply to those folks who have lost their policies this year [2013] … I think that the ObamaCraps have the folks who will lose their policies in the coming year [2014] in mind . It is not only that …

.. They have now been made (somehow) eligible for the catastrophic insurance policies . These policies were supposed to only be open to those under 30 years of age . Now , those catastrophic policies will be open to many , many more people . Not just several hundred thousand people , though . It will result in millions being made eligible for those policies …

.. Remember , it is not just this year (2013) that is in mind , but 2014 as well . I can imagine the insurance companies are just going to love this . Another unilateral change that screws with the metrics of their business ….
if it keeps up , then , sooner or later , it is going to cause one or more companies to withdraw further from the states , in order to preserve their remaining business , and concentrate on the state(s) where these folks are the strongest …

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