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… You Descecrate a Catholic Cathedral [the Abortion Debate] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 19th,2013

.. and expect people to respect your position and your viewpoint ?

.. [h/t — ,]

.. [link] to the post ..

.. Over in Europe , it seems that the abortion debate is going on just as fiercely as it is here in the United States . However , you do not see people descerating Catholic churches here , stateside . Not in a million years . Anyone participating in such a stunt here would be roundly condemned , not to mention sued in court , and criminally prosecuted .

.. Not over there . The femiNazis marched into a local Italian cathedral [in Bologna , I think] and hung a banner carrying forth their blasphemous viewpoints , and defaming the cathedral in the process . I would bet that not much , if anything , will happen to them . The Italian government does not have the guts to go after these nuts …


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