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… Regrettably , Steven A. , It is What Happens [to Black Conservatives] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Thursday,December 19th,2013

.. these days liberals , especially Black liberals , are the height of intolerant . Why ?

.. [link] to Steven A. Smith ‘ s commentary …

.. to most folks , black conservatives help contribute to the intellectual fabric , by helping contribute to and feed the debate . With black liberals ,however , it is most definitely not the case . They feel threatened by black conservatives . They feel that black conservatives are a grievous threat to their power and their influence .

.. So , what happens ? They are mocked and ostracized , sent to the never – land of the black community , not to be dealt with . They are that afraid of them . While that happens , the black conservative community continues to grow in size and influence …

.. Sooner or later , the black community will have to take note of these folks . They cannot ignore them . These conservatives are among the most vigorous intellectuals , creative artists , athletes , and thinkers , no matter what the skin color . They cannot and will not be ignored , Steven A. Smith …

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