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… Here We Go [plural marriage ruling in Utah] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Monday,December 16th,2013

.. ever since Windsor v US and Hollingsworth v Perry came out , people have been warning about this . They brought out warnings about it long before those 2 rulings emerged from the last U.S. Supreme Court term . Now , it gets much worse ..

.. the cause of so – called ” gay marriage ” continues to advance . Gays and lesbians are continuing their unabashed legal offensives , even against states who have constitutional prohibitions against this immoral offense . The radicals in the federal judiciary continue to accomodate them . How gross is that ?

.. ” Gay Marriage ” is unnatural and immoral . It must not be allowed to happen . Marriage is the natural and moral coupling between one man and one woman . It is that simple , folks . That is it …

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.. Now , this . A federal judge in Utah has ruled that major parts of the state ‘ s polygamy prohibition law are unconstitutional . Yes , unconstitutional . Yea , amazingly enough … [article]

[update] [h/t —]

.. an update to this — the ruling is not quite that dire , at least not yet . It does effectively de – criminalize polygamy in Utah . No , the state will not touch this . It cannot . Utah ‘ s admission to the United States was made on condition that you-know-what was banned . So , they cannot go back on this .

.. However , the courts can act in this area . I expect them to continue to do so . The TLC ” Sister Wives  ” could appeal the partts of the ruling that they lost . The state will likely appeal , itself . Since Utah is in the 10th Federal Appeallate Circuit , they have a decent chance of winning an appeal . Not great , but a decent chance .

.. LEC here — given the legal environment , especially with those two ” gay marriage ” cases and Lawrence v Texas , eventually polygamy will be legalized . Not that I like it . I do not , not at all . Given the appalling lack of quality of judges that His Lordship is appointing to the bench , one should not be surprised …

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