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… What Could E.S.P.N. have found Wrong with This ?!?! [Charitable Christian Ad] …

Posted by paulfromwloh on Sunday,December 15th,2013

.. there will be several links with this one . The place where I live has DirecTV , and it does not have ESPN (rats) …

.. I heard about this controversy , courtesy of being a fan of the O ‘ Reilly Factor on FoxNewsChannel . Bill caught this one , and hammered ESPN for it . I can understand these folks wanting to be non – controversial , but jeezus …


.. [link] to Bill ‘ s commentary on the controversy ..
.. [link] to the ad ..

[h/t —]

.. [link] to the video and the article …

.. the ad is a charitable Christian – based ad for the Cardinal Glennon Children ‘ s Foundation . They are raising funds , as they often do , for their foundation , and for the Cardinal Glennon Children ‘ s Medical Center , a Catholic – based hospital in St. Louis , Missouri . They wanted to buy time on ESPN to promote their cause during the Christmas season . No biggie , there . Or , so you would think . ESPN rejected the ad . Why ?

.. I think that it was for its ” overly ” religious content . Also , the ad encouraged people to visit the foundation ‘ s website , and write sympathetic and empathetic messages for children , if possible , ones with a religious basis . These days , TV channels behave like a bunch of wussies . They run like hell away from anything that they think might or could be controversial . It seems that religion , amazingly enough , is a controversial subject . Why ? …


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